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"Gold is the money of kings;
silver is the money of gentlemen;
barter is the money of peasants;
but debt is the money of slaves."
Norm Franz

The Bullion Advisory Group is a full service precious metals broker dealer offering a two-way market for our clients towards the purchase and liquidation of physical precious metals. We utilize the services of a wholesale supplier of physical bullion products (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium) in order for our clients to benefit from this competitive pricing model.

Our staff of dedicated precious metal advisors will analyze client's objectives and offer potential solutions during these challenging financial times. We analyze the markets to offer appropriate solutions based on the strength of the underlying fundamentals and your investment objectives.

We provide real-time wholesale pricing from our trading desk and a proven system of professional portfolio management in all of the products listed above.

Once your account is established, the Bullion Advisory Group offers:

Trade in one ounce increments, just like stock shares
Use Stop Buy, Stop Sell, GTC Trailing Orders* on all markets to protect profits and reduce risk
Secure third party storage of bullion at discounted rates
Home delivery available in various fabricated forms
Product can be liquidated by a single phone call
Up-to-the-minute market quotes with educational reports to include end-of-week overviews
No monthly management fees
Receive full monthly statements
Secured 24/7 viewing of your account online accessed through a registered PIN number
Collateral financing available

Orders are executed immediately and you will receive both price and trade confirmations.

Whether your primary objective is profit, or "protecting your wealth," The Bullion Advisory Group has the experience, expertise and resources available to serve most any investor's needs in the physical precious metals market. The Bullion Advisory Group's mission is to advise investors, both nationally and internationally on both short and long term opportunities. We will offer several strategies once we gain an understanding of each client's objectives, risk tolerance and investment time frames.

*Minimum order quantity required

Trading and investing in any financial markets may involve risk of loss. All information on this site is opinion of market analyst. Past performance is not indicative of future results.