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The Bullion Advisory Group is a full service precious metals broker dealer offering a two-way market for our clients towards the purchase and liquidation of physical precious metals. We offer several different strategies once we have gained an understanding of each prospective client’s objectives, risk tolerance and time frames to include:
Professional Portfolio Services - managed position trading models
Self-directed IRA Transfers secured by physical Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium
Home Delivery available in various fabricated forms
Whether your primary objective is for profit, or "protecting your wealth," The Bullion Advisory Group has the experience, expertise and resources available to serve most any investor's needs in the physical precious metals market.
We have designed a unique investment strategy for our clients offering:
Global market protection against price drops by the use of GTC Stop Loss Orders. It is imperative that you have a method to exit positions in all global markets when prudent to protect existing profits.
The grouping of investor’s together at similar buy/sell prices. This beneficial approach will allow for large “volume discounts” when purchasing or at liquidation below wholesale prices.
Client management is also enhanced by this model of grouping investor’s together. Typically, all clients are managed individually so there is the possibility/probability that larger clients get the first call and the best fill prices. Our system insures that all investors within the group receive the same pricing regarding of their account size.
Utilizing this risk management model we are able to more precisely monitor each investment group and make the necessary moves to protect gains and to profit on market dips. Our system is designed to use volatility to our advantage as opposed to being victimized by it.
Disclosure/Disclaimer Statement

Trading and investing in any financial market may involve risk of loss. All information is opinion of market analyst. Past performance is not indicative of future results.