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The core philosophy of The Bullion Advisory Group is that of amassing market knowledge. This not only benefits our company as an Advisory, but this shared knowledge also translates to a greater degree of comfort and decisiveness in our clients' decision-making process. We strive to provide our clients with the most transparent, profitable and safe trading platform available in the physical market, in order to build a long-standing and beneficial relationship.

Overall, our company can be characterized as a full-service Precious Metals Advisory. We specialize in and facilitate the purchase and liquidation of physical or I.R.A. qualified bullion for the optimal return of investment. Additionally, we offer our clients wholesale dealer pricing on physical precious metals. Our trading model will not only protect profits, but also reduce the overall risk of market retracements.

There are many global factors that will influence precious metal prices for the foreseeable future. The question for investors is how to best take advantage of this? As there are many avenues available to acquire precious metals, several issues should be considered prior to purchase. In the physical precious metals market, prospective buyers need to understand market supply and demand, as well as be aware of the costs associated with acquiring and liquidating bullion. Dealer markup, management fees and storage charges can vary greatly from dealer to dealer.

These factors could be the difference between maximizing your opportunity or simply "participating in an opportunity."

The precious metal markets are an area of specialty. New analysts are popping up daily citing various opinions. In all likelihood, many of these "specialists" were covering pork-belly futures or another type of commodity just last week. It is essential to have the resources to diffuse the jaw-boning in an attempt to position yourself in front of the curve.

Here is where The Bullion Advisory Group fits in. Our staff of dedicated bullion advisors will analyze your objectives and offer potential solutions during these challenging financial times. Our focus is to inform and educate our prospects and clients with specific market driven reports. These reports are sent most business days with a weekly wrap-up overview to follow each Saturday morning.

The nature of our reports is to break down fundamental and technical information in a way that even a new investor can understand. Reports will cover market conditions and trading signals, COMEX inventories and if long or short positions have been added in the futures market. Commentary and video links from some of the most respected analysts in this industry are also available. In other words, we attempt to filter the relevant data from the background noise for our clients.

This personal and educational approach is what differentiates The Bullion Advisory Group from the competition.

Trading and investing in any financial markets may involve risk of loss. All information on this site is opinion of market analyst. Past performance is not indicative of future results.