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It is a real pleasure for me to give a testimonial for Milton Hunter. I contacted Milton regarding a possible investment in silver. It didn't take me long to realize that Milton goes well beyond the expected service of an advisor. My past experience with financial advisors has not always been a positive one and it is refreshing to deal with someone like Milton whose focus lies with his clients to make sure that their financial needs are met rather than his own.

Milton stays in touch on a regular basis, sending me valuable information and updates on the market. I think of him as much as a friend as an advisor who is always thoughtful and insightful. Milton conducts himself with the highest level of professionalism, honesty and integrity. He brings a vast knowledge, dedication, competence and attention to detail that I believe would be difficult to find elsewhere. I highly recommend his services.

- Marianne L., AZ

In regard to my trading in the precious metals market, I have been a novice at best. It has been my privilege to have had Milton Hunter as my broker and mentor upon helping me to manage my portfolio, and above all, more important to me than that, to have the patience to explain the system to me. He is knowledgeable in detail and accommodating to explain all the facets of trading in precious metal commodities.

- Steven P., NJ

Betty and I have only known and dealt with Milton for not quite a year, but feel as if he's been a close family friend for most of our lives! He has taken "Describing his product" to a whole new level. Milton will simply not accept that you, his client, does not understand the Proposal he's setting up for you, and that it's the "Best possible set of circumstances" to be in, for you to profit from your transaction with him. We appreciate most of all, his integrity and loyalty to his client. We will never fail to recommend Milton as an Expert Precious Metals Advisor, and a Good Friend.

- Nick & Betty M., TX

H. Milton Hunter generously shares his passion and expertise in precious metals in an informative, yet insightful manner, by providing both the novice and seasoned precious metals' investor with outstanding professionalism and exceptional knowledge coupled with a warm demeanor. It is quite noteworthy that Milton takes the time to also send personal weekly recaps (as well as daily updates) affording fellow investors and prospective ones too, a comprehensive and clear analysis of both the industry trends and standards, current market and comparative historical performance; and the diverse voices within same.

The breadth and scope of Milton's regular briefings far surpass certain financial reports and prospectuses in content and perspective. Another extraordinary attribute about Mr. Hunter is that he provides his clients with the same high-quality customer service of sharing in-depth information whether it is a one-on-one virtual or actual meeting with him as he does in his regular commentaries. H. Milton Hunter surpasses the ordinary and conventional investment professional - he does not court his prospective clients, he cultivates an on-going relationship with us while staying on top of things - our portfolio's performance and bottom line! Therefore, H. Milton Hunter is not just our precious metals account manager, but our personal advisor and friend who always keep his client's values, objectives and best interests in mind.

- Olivette T., NE United States

Milton, first I'd like to thank you for all your help and advice. You have consistently answered all my questions regarding the precious metals market, even though our timing to work together has not always fit. You have been open and honest with me since we first spoke. I do expect that sometime in the near future, we will find a way to finally work together.

- Kurt, CA

For over a year now you and I have been discussing silver as an investment and its potential. When we first started talking you were telling me the direction you felt the silver market was heading. Often times when talking investments, as an investor I try to figure out if I am talking with a sales person or am I getting guidance from a professional that truly understands what direction the market is heading? You have proved to be a professional that is willing to educate so that I will be comfortable with my investment decision.

Milton, the excitement for me has been to listen to your insights and then see the market follow through. Your advice has been comfortable and somewhat conservative. I have never felt any pressure from your advice. Your ability to communicate the precious metals strategies has been clear enough to make the decision-making process simple.

This last year has been exciting having insights to the upsides and the guidance to walk through the down sides. The future is exciting when you have an adviser  to help safely direct you through the markets.

- Jim I., TN

I met Milton as part of my research in asset investments. Milton has the unique ability to understand the systemic drivers, trends, and implications of the market forces at both the 30,000 foot view and the up close view. I appreciate his gift of teaching and simplifying complex concepts.

When I organized a group conference call to help some of my team understand the precious metals market, I asked Milton to be our guest speaker and he did an outstanding job. Milton is a giver, a man of integrity and inspiration, and he has my full respect and trust as a business colleague and service provider. He has an excellent daily email newsletter and Week in Review that I highly recommend you subscribe to.

Meagan S.,- PA


H. Milton Hunter is a man of character who understands his business. His attention to detail, ability to educate clients and research make him a one of a kind in the precious metals industry. I trust him with all my precious metal trading needs. A straight forward, no nonsense, man of integrity.

Dan S.,- PA


 I've told both my wife and friends how happy and relieved I am for contacting the Bullion Advisory Group. I had asked my financial planner several years ago about looking into precious metals for a sizable part of my portfolio. I’m now retired and felt I needed to reduce my risk and stress with stocks and mutual fund investments. He very quickly recommended the SLV and GLD ETF and led me to believe that they were safe and backed by actual precious metals.

The advisor I spoke with at Bullion Advisory sent me numerous articles from many different analyst’s painting a very different picture. I was shocked to learn that these ETFs have many “red flags” that investors need to be made aware of. I’m embarrassed to say that like many, I didn’t read the prospectus and relyed on the advice from my financial planner. Not only was my advisor at Bullion Advisory helpful in providing me third-party opinions but he arranged a call for me with their head trader, Milton Hunter. Milton spent over an hour going over all the issues and I learned a lot from the conversation.

I have now switched my precious metals investment for both my IRA and cash account to Bullion Advisory Group. No broker I’ve ever worked with during my 40+ years of investing has been so educational and giving of their time to make sure I have the required knowledge to support my investment decision. I value the service the Bullion Advisory staff has offered me and look forward to a long and profitable future with their firm.

- Richard J., CA

I had never invested in the precious metals market, thus I had to be fully educated to become sufficiently comfortable enough to do so. I had spoken to an advisor at the Bullion Advisory Group for a couple of months and during that time he provided me with numerous market reports and telephone updates.

I spoke with their head trader and discussed at length what would be the best plan of action for my IRA. His focus and market knowledge was powerful. In essence, everyone that I spoke to was highly professional and had an in-depth understanding of the business.

The whole experience was quite seamless - providing me with maximum advantage of the market and confidence in those that are managing my physical bullion.

- Lina T., FL

My husband and I have invested in stocks and mutual funds for many years. To say the least, lately these markets have been suffering. We turned our interest to precious metals - specifically gold. After speaking with Milton from the Bullion Advisory Group, we took a closer look at silver.

We entered the market during a buy signal that Milton identified and made a little over 6% profit within one week. We have since followed Milton's signals and have made an average of a 20% profit in a down market. Great market info.

- Rose B., DC

Thank you for your help and expert guidance. You have answered all my questions no matter how silly and in language that I can understand. Between you and my brother, I have learned a lot in a very short time. I am looking forward to a long and hopefully prosperous relationship with you and The Bullion Advisory Group.

- Lonnie D., SC


My experience with Milton is one of trust and confidence. Milton is superb at customer education and is on the cutting edge of his expertise. All hard metals investors would be fortunate to work with Milton and have his education and services complimenting their financial future.

-Wayne R., WA

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